CIT Program

C.I.T's WANTED! It only cost $70.00 for the entire summer!

This year, Camp Roosevelt's C.I.T. Program will be directed by Vanessa Young. If you have any questions about the program, please contact Vanessa at


Take the opportunity this summer to challenge yourself, learn about leadership and the skills required of a camp staff member. The CIT program is designed for Scouts who are 14 years of age and interested in preparing themselves for camp staff. You will enter a training program and spend time learning how to be an effective member of the camp staff. You will learn leadership and camp skills under the guidance and direction of an area director. Learn, grow, and develop leadership skills in the CIT program over a 2 to 4 week commitment beginning with staff training week and extending through the Boy Scout Resident Camp weeks. Develop friendships of a lifetime and become an integral part of the Camp Roosevelt Staff. Submit a Scoutmaster approval now to the Camp Director.

All CIT's are required to participate in the Summer Camp Staff training week: Saturday June 21 through Saturday June 28, 2014. Once Staff week has been completed CITs have the option of selecting the following weeks. CITs need to select at least one week of BS Resident Camp. However it is recommended to fully appreciate what it means to be on Camp Staff, that CITs participate in the 4 week program.

BS Resident Camp Week #1 June 29 - July 5 2014

BS Resident Camp Week #2 July 6 - July 12 2014

BS Resident Camp Week #3 July 13 - July 19 2014

BS Resident Camp Week #4 July 20 -  July 26 2014

Required Fees & Forms-CLICK HERE