Dollars for Doers

Volunteers are so giving of their hours to the Boy Scouts; without them there would be no BSA. Wouldn't it be great if local businesses gave back to the same organizations their employees give their free time to? Good news! Dollars for Doers IS just that! In this program, a company will donate money for volunteer hours worked by its employees in support of the Boy Scouts!

Different companies give at different amounts.  For example Bloomberg LP will donate $5000 for up to 50 hours of volunteer service of each employee. Talk about the difference that a single person can make!

Click here and take a moment to look over this ONE page list of local participating companies.  If you or any adult (leaders or parents) in your unit work for any of them and volunteer their time to the Scouts, please contact Brian Dungan at 610-465-8564 or and he can get you more information on how to get started.


Additionally you can ask your company's HR representative about Dollars for Doers or Volunteer Incentive Program (VIP).