Gifts in Kind


Gifts in Kind

Many people think of a business' annual budget in terms of dollars for broad categories such as employee salaries or paying the monthly utility bill - but for a Boy Scout council, it is much more.

Instead think of the council's annual budget as the ink and paper needed for a flier distributed at a school to educate boys and their parents about the fun and adventure of Cub Scouting. It is the tents a scout sleeps in while on his adventure at Katahdin Scout Reservation. It is the labor and materials needed to renovate a building at Maine High Adventure. Project sales and gifts in kind can be an integral part of helping the Katahdin Area Council deliver quality programs and services to our community.

Gifts in kind - Project sales help…
• Identify special sources of income
• Interest new contributors in specific line items of the budget
• Upgrade existing contributions to new levels of giving

You can help support the Katahdin Area Council provide vital services and programs to Scouts, volunteer leaders and chartered organizations through your annual Friends of Scouting gift by supporting a specific budget or donating a needed item.

For a full list of items please call 207-866-2241.