KAC Historical Society

Katahdin Area Council Scouting Historical Society



The Katahdin Area Scouting Council Historical Society, (KACSHS) will be the leading example for all Scouting Archives and historical societies in the Northeast Region with-in five years. We will develop policies and procedures to effectively manage the archives to a level of excellence. Through special programs and events we will reach out to our community to demonstrate the positive influence the Scouting movement has had upon youth locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. Additionally, we will actively encourage the involvement of youth in the Society in an effort to teach an appreciation of our Scouting heritage to a new generation while at the same time instructing them in proper care and administration of historical memorabilia in an archives setting.


The Mission of the Katahdin Area Council Historical Society, (KACSHS) is to help the Council meet its goal by displaying, preserving, and making available for research materials that document the history and progress of the Katahdin Area Council and Scouting in the State of Maine from its earliest beginnings to present.


The general purpose of the KACSHS is to obtain, preserve, archive, inventory, document, and display  Historical documents, pictures, clipping, articles, materials, clothing, and equipment of Scouting in the Katahdin Area Council over the past one hundred and one years. In addition the n the KACSHS will develop and provide educational programs and materials to ensure KAC Legacy in the future.

  KACSHS Officers:

President - Wayne Maller

Vice President - Gordon Reynolds

Treasurer – Bill Leavett

Secretary – Steve Frost – Sfrost5290@roadrunner.com


We need your help!  We are looking for Pictures, Documents, papers, records, old equipment and materials, patches, tools, and scouting accessories from the past 100 years of Scouting in the Katahdin Area Council.  If you have in your passion or have knowledge of any of the above mentioned items and are willing to donate or allow us to copy them or photograph them, please contact one of the Officers.  We will be delighted make arrangements to receive your donation.  Thank you very much.

  If any individual or organization wishes to look at our current collection please contact the President and we will gladly make arrangements.