2024 OA Pamola Lodge Membership Dues

Your annual dues, of only $20.00 per year, help pay for things like (1) the DeerPad, the Lodge's newsletter, (2) the DeerPage, the Lodge's website (http://www.pamola.org), (3) periodic mailings, (4) annual awards, such as the Founder's Award, Arrowman of the Year Award and the James E. West Award (5) and an annual Friends of Scouting contribution to the local Council.

If your dues are paid you will continue to receive important information through the newsletter, emails and phone calls concerning lodge events. However, if your dues are not up-to-date for the current year, you are not allowed to participate in events and you are ineligible to wear your lodge flap on your uniform. This is a National Order of the Arrow and Pamola Lodge by-law. Please note that you are allowed to participate in a lodge event such as a fellowship or induction weekend if you register and bring your dues current prior to or at the event.

When you took upon yourself the solemn obligation of the Order of the Arrow you promised to observe and preserve the traditions of the Order of the Arrow. We please ask you now to fulfill your promise and support Pamola Lodge’s mission by paying your membership dues. OA membership dues are $20.00 per year. You may pay ahead for the following year as well.