Trainer's Edge


Apr 20, 2024 9:00 am to 3:30 pm



Katahdin Scout Reservation
45 Camp Roosevelt Rd
Eddington, ME 04428


We are glad you have enrolled in the Katahdin Area Council’s Trainer’s EDGE Course! 

The Trainer’s EDGE is a required course for Wood Badge for the 21st Century and National Youth Leadership Training staffs. The purpose of the Trainer’s EDGE course is to provide and help develop the platform skills of a trainer and is meant to supplement the practice that is offered through Wood Badge and NYLT staff development. You will have the opportunity to give several presentations during the day.

The course is scheduled as follows:

Date: Saturday, April 20th 2024 from 9 AM to approx. 3:30 PM

Location: Camp Roosevelt Health Lodge

Uniform: Field Uniform for your unit

Pre-course Preparation: Please prepare a 5 to 7 minute presentation on a topic from any BSA material. Your presentation should allow you to demonstrate the skills of a trainer. You will receive constructive feedback on your presentation from the other participants.

I have been sending out messages & links to students and I received a request this AM for additional information concerning the homework assignment we are asking you to prepare.

I am going to provide you with the guidance that we have from the T3, Trainer's Edge course.

"Team guides will facilitate this module in small group setting. With the team as the audience and feedback group, each participant will give a 10- to 12-minute presentation on a topic of his or her choosing from the Boy Scout Handbook or another program element like Cub Scouting or Venturing. You may use any media you choose. The presentation may be a specific skills session that uses EDGE, but the broader skills of the trainer should also be demonstrated. A broad topic choice, such as uniform, advancement, high adventure, hiking, or camping, could be selected." I put the relevant piece in bold type.

This will be a fun exercise and is just a way for you to practice the skills you are learning.  Our approach is one of fun while learning.  Do not be concerned or nervous as this is a safe atmosphere for all of us to learn and enjoy doing so.

I hope that this helps you prepare for our class!