2018 Waldo Spring Camporee


May 18, 2018 4:00 pm to May 20, 2018 10:00 am



Fort Knox
740 Fort Knox Rd
Prospect, ME 04981


The purpose of the waldo camporee is to help young people to grow up to be responsible, caring, reverent and patriotic citizens.

A camporee must be fun.  Young people and adults must have a pleasurable time or they will not be there.· A camporee must have fellowship:  Meeting new people, greeting old friends, renewing Scouting ideals.  

A camporee must be a learning experience.

The learning must be fun and rewarding for all.

The learning must be suited to the skill level of the participants.

The learning should be aimed at meeting some advancement goals.

Advancement leads to longer Scouting involvement and deeper commitment to the Scout Oath and Law

2018 Waldo Spring Camporee Leader's Guide


Position Name Telephone
Activies Chair Chris Eldridge Email
District Commissioner Jim Robbins Email
District Director Charles "Chuck" Major (207) 866-2241 x106 Email