KAC Coronavirus Remote Programming Resources

Across the nation, councils are finding ways to help keep their youth members engaged and Scouting. These out-of-the-box, in-home activities are centered around providing advancement-related content to help keep kids safe, engaged and to help them make the best of home time.

Katahdin Area Council is continuing to build the infrastructure and resources to support all of our units and families while they continue their Scouting advancement trail at home. Stay tuned for details on new virtual training opportunities, best practices, and youth programs.

We’ve compiled a few resources in the document below. Click the button to download.

COVID-19 Impact on Advancement FAQs: The Boy Scouts of America has released important information and FAQs on advancement during this time.
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Resources for Remote MeetingsWe’ve provided links to two of our favorite, and FREE, resources for hosting remote meetings.  Recently, Webex has upgraded its FREE tier to include 100 participants per meeting and no time limit. The popular tool freeconferencecall.com offers virtual meetings up to 1,000 people.

Cub Scout At-Home Programs

Lion 30-Day Challenge

Tiger 30-Day Challenge

Wolf 30-Day Challenge

Bear 30-Day Challenge

Webelos 30-Day Challenge


Good Turns during the coronavirus: Scouting service you can do from home

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Stuck Inside? 25 Fun Projects to Do With Stuff From Around the House

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Limited Time! Download Our App to Read a Whole Year of Boys’ Life for Free

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Scouting Show & Tell: Scouting remotely

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How to conduct a board of review through videoconferencing

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Merit badges for social distancing: 58 badges Scouts can complete at home

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Scouts - you inspire us with your commitment to keep Scouting active, even in difficult times. That’s why we’re creating a Special Edition of JOTI, helping bring Scouting to the homes of young people everywhere! On the weekend of April 3rd, let’s come together online for virtual campfires, global chats, skill sharing and more.  

Stay tuned for more info: www.jotajoti.info


Position Name Telephone
District Executive Adam Briggs (207) 866-2241 x107 Email
Senior District Executive Stephen L Hughes (207) 866-2241 x108 Email
District Director Charles "Chuck" Major (207) 866-2241 x106 Email
District Executive Sandy Smith (207) 866-2241 x109 Email